2017 Energy Technology Forum

The Next Era of Energy Efficiency

On November 7, 2017, we brought experts together to explore how innovative program design, technology piloting, customer connectivity, and partnerships will define our next era of energy efficiency. We heard from national and local energy and utility experts about this transformation, including which preparations are already under way and the value that efficiency will continue to provide.


About the Forum

In an era of flattened demand growth, aging infrastructure, and increasing challenges in energy efficiency cost-effectiveness, the utility business model is in flux. Energy efficiency has been a longtime contributor of least-cost energy resources, delivering the benefit of avoided infrastructure costs to Minnesota ratepayers.

As utility-driven efficiency is affected by new federal policies, technology advances, and attention to customer choice:
  • What does the emerging approach look like?
  • How should efficiency evolve to continue achieving least-cost benefits?
  • How must we think differently about delivery?
This forum was presented and funded in part by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources, through its support for the ongoing statewide energy efficiency potential study.

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Panel Q&A



Tom Eckman | Northwest Power & Conservation Council
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Panel Presenters

Aaron Berndt | Nest
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Eliot Crowe | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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Ram Narayanamurthy | EPRI
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Tim Sullivan | Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association
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Shawn White | Xcel Energy
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