SkyView Data Mapping

SkyView is CEE’s web-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tool that allows a user to identify spatial trends in large data sets across regions ranging from legislative districts to the state of Minnesota. While charts and tables help organize numbers and statistics, more sophisticated visualization techniques enable a higher level of insight, understanding, and communication.

         skyview-city.png          skyview-state.png

CEE developed SkyView to understand the geographic impact of our energy efficiency and financing programs across the state of Minnesota. We have used it extensively to visualize energy savings and program activity across different snapshots of time or location.

After uploading geographic data into SkyView, the user can view, analyze, and explore information directly from a web browser. SkyView’s main advantages are its ability to handle large data sets and its customized user interface to easily create polished maps for a particular region, such as a city or legislative district. CEE also offers consulting services to create a website for your data. We work with you to develop rich and interactive maps that display and clarify complex data relationships. We specialize in communicating information about energy in Minnesota. Contact Rich Szydlowski for more information. 

Explore customer sites featuring SkyView maps:

Xcel Energy Renewable Development Fund- three years of research on Minnesota biomass fuel sources mapped to help identify potential new biomass-fueled electric power plants.

Minnesota Land Economics- visualization to release property value statistics from tabular reports.