Reports & Materials


Optimized Operation of Indoor Public Pool Facilities

Overview of the common existing conditions and circumstances that make pool facilities ripe for energy savings support.


2017 Energy Technology Forum

CEE brought experts together to explore how innovative program design, technology piloting, customer connectivity, and partnerships will define our next era of energy efficiency.


Air Source Heat Pumps: Cost-Effective & Cold-Climate Ready

Webinar covering the results from CEE's research on air source heat pump performance in cold climates.


Small Embedded Data Center (SEDC) Pilot

We hear from lead researchers, Lester Shen (CEE), Janet Lynch-Eisenhut (WECC) and Jon Vanyo (MnTAP) about study findings, recommendations for utility services, and guidance for energy savings in the field.

Technical Report

Small Embedded Data Center Program Pilot

Improving the operational efficiency of small data centers in commercial and industrial settings through field studies and stakeholder engagement.


The Ons & Offs of Energy Recovery Ventilation Effectiveness

A webinar covering final results of a study that characterized energy recovery systems in Minnesota commercial and institutional buildings, and identified common problems that diminish the effectiveness of ERVs.


New Technology for Efficient Multifamily Building Envelope Sealing

Webinar sharing report findings including aerosol sealing cost-effectiveness in multifamily buildings and recommendations on how utilities and contractors can take advantage of this new sealing application.


Game Changer: Cost-Effective Duct Leakage Reduction in Large Commercial Buildings

An in-depth look at study findings including duct leakage characteristics in commercial and institutional buildings, retrofit duct sealing efficacy, the significant potential for cost-effective energy savings, and greater operational control of building HVAC systems.

Technical Report

Duct Leakage and Retrofit Duct Sealing in MN Commercial & Institutional Buildings

Field research to characterize existing large commercial building duct systems, quantify the potential for leakage reduction, and develop screening and diagnostic procedures to facilitate program-level implementation.


Commercial Condensing Boiler Optimization

Technical overview of the research questions and findings as well as a discussion of targeted recommendations for utility energy efficiency programs and operator learning.