Optimized Operation of Indoor Public Pool Facilities

Event Date

11/14/2017 10:00:00 AM

Event Location

Live Webinar

Event Details

The energy use intensity for indoor pool areas is three times higher than most building areas, and currently there are  no comprehensive resources to guide technicians and recommissioning providers on energy efficient operation. Furthermore, a majority of indoor public pools in Minnesota are in hotels, motels, or multifamily buildings, which are ideal for recommissioning programs.

Staff conducted field surveys and operator interviews for 30 facilities in Minnesota to define a common range of baseline characteristics for indoor pools. For six facilities more detailed recommissioning type investigations, improvement implementation, and long-term monitoring was conducted. The project also focused on creating quality maintenance and operations guides for technicians and recommissioning providers. The study then provided complete drafts of these guides to local industry professionals so they could put them into practice and provide feedback for further guide refinement.

Join us for an overview of the common existing conditions and circumstances that make pool facilities ripe for energy savings support, the energy savings and applicability of various operational improvements, and the additional impact of tools that support quality operations. We will also discuss recommendations for utility program activities and additions to Minnesota’s Technical Reference Manual for utility CIP programs.

Who is this Webinar for?

  • Recommissioning providers
  • Utility program managers
  • Pool facility managers and operators
  • Pool facility contractors
  • Mechanical design engineers


Russ_L_web-220.jpgRuss Landry, P.E.
Senior Mechanical Engineer | Center for Energy and Environment

As a Senior Mechanical Engineer, Russ plays a variety of roles, including project management, building plan review, energy analysis, conducting field research, and education delivery. 

His 28 years of work at CEE has focused on commercial building energy efficiency with an emphasis on energy performance and analysis of specialty systems.  He has published nationally and presented on ice arenas, apartment buildings, boilers, ventilation, refrigeration, and building energy simulation.  Mr. Landry has also led several field research and market research studies focused on CIP program design.

Russ's most recent and ongoing work includes field research into the optimization of condensing boilers in commercial buildings, ice arena recommissioning, and review of new construction projects against various green building standards and energy codes.