Events & Webinars

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Minnesota Ag Expo

Mike Bull is presenting on the Blue Horizon Energy Renewable Energy Panel at the Minnesota Ag Expo.

Field Study of an Intelligent, Networked, Retrofittable Water Heater Controller

Learn about a recently completed a CARD-funded field study to validate the performance, cost-effectiveness, and direct energy savings of the Aquanta, a smart water heater controller.

Demand Control Systems Deliver Efficiency in Commercial Hot Water Use

Join us for a technical overview of the effectiveness of new demand control systems to reduce heating and pumping costs from hot water circulation in hospitality and commercial venues.

Improving energy code compliance through support and assistance programs

CEE Senior Mechanical Engineer Russ Landry, P.E. will give an overview of this study, including scope, ideas behind the two pilot programs, and the energy impact of the two energy code pilot projects. 

Increasing residential boiler efficiency with retrocommissioning & improved installation

Join us for a live webinar where Rebecca Olson, and Ben Schoenbauer dive deeper into project findings and discuss quality installation and retrocommissioning best practices.