Events & Webinars

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Upcoming Events and Webinars

Duluth Energy Design Conference

Conference attendees learn about the latest in energy-efficient building and technologies, renewable energy, best practices, and responsible design. 

Midwest Energy Solutions Conference

Multiple staff are presenting and attending MEEA's Midwest Energy Solutions Conference.

ACEEE Hot Water Forum

This technical conference is dedicated to making water hot, distributing it with low losses and using water with efficient fixtures and practices. 

Better Buildings: Better Business Conference

The Better Buildings Conference brings together building energy experts from around the country to share the latest energy saving products, services, techniques and approaches.

Webinar: Impacts of Secondhand Smoke in Vehicles

Join us to learn more about the impacts of vehicle secondhand smoke and how policy changes could reduce exposure.

North Suburban Home Improvement Show

The Lending Center is promoting their Anoca and Coon Rapids city loans. 

Green Jobs: Pathway out of Poverty

CEE's communitiy energy program manager Elena Foshay is presenting on a webinar about how clean energy investments can create a pathway out of poverty.

RTUs: characterization and energy performance

Learn about our field study that aims to validate or refute evidence that RTUs opperate inneficiently.

Mid-Sized City Building Energy Benchmarking Workshop

This workshop is designed to inform local governments about the opportunities of private-building energy benchmarking in small to medium-sized cities.