CEE leads with more than 30 years’ experience in gas and electric energy efficiency offerings. Programs we piloted 20 years ago sparked some of the biggest engines driving savings across the country today — and we’re just revving up.

Program Development

We work with utility companies and communities to develop and implement innovative, cost-effective energy efficiency programs. Our program developers set the standard with a science-based, interdisciplinary method, to discover and test new approaches for an evolving industry. 

Program Implementation

Our award-winning program implementers are the best in the business, with unparalleled expertise in customer service and marketing, consistently banking exceptional energy savings for our clients across multiple consumer channels.


We’ve helped thousands of homeowners reduce energy use while making their homes more comfortable. We employ behavioral research, customer service, and a "one-stop" approach to help customers overcome traditional barriers to energy savings.


We help businesses cut energy spending through programs that track usage and efficiency strategies that are straightforward and affordable. Our experts also provide technical assistance with a focus on practical solutions for complex energy issues.


Our field professionals specialize in accessible options to empower community action. For clean and efficient energy planning, residents and utilities need credible data, analysis, and facilitation to inform the best choices to meet each community’s energy goals. 


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Director of Program development