Programs for Communities

Staff brainstorming with post-it notes

CEE’s field professionals bring accessible options to empower community action. 

To develop energy efficient communities, residents and local leaders need credible data, analysis, and facilitation to select and meet each community’s unique energy goals. We provide energy users and providers with strategic energy planning to inform decisionmaking at all levels. 

We employ a range of services to engage and inform community leaders as they plan for efficient, cost-effective, low-carbon energy solutions:

Community Energy Consulting

Drawing on decades of technical skill and field experience, CEE provides consulting and advising to communities who want to move toward energy use that embraces efficiency while reducing carbon.

Energy Benchmarking

CEE works with communities to provide tools that shed light on a building’s energy use and areas for improvement. To do this we turn to building energy benchmarking, which is the ongoing tracking of energy and water use over time and relative to peers.

Partners in Energy

This Xcel Energy program works with communities in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Colorado to develop local stakeholder-based energy plans, with CEE providing planning assistance and implementation resources. 

Youth Energy Education

CEE's in-school education program is a free interactive energy efficiency resource for grades 1 through 5. The program features a 40-minute, in-class visit with supporting activities, and aligns with Minnesota State Science Standards.

Regional Residential Energy Programs

In partnership with local energy providers and partners, CEE provides qualifying residents with information and services to improve energy efficiency in their homes.