New Construction

Large building under construction
While constructing a building is expensive, the cost of heating and cooling that building over time far exceeds the initial costs. Considering energy efficiency at the time of construction is the best way to ensure building owners make the most of every penny they put into energy spending, while minimizing their impact on the environment.

Ensuring that the right equipment and systems are incorporated at the design phase of a project and ensuring the equipment is installed correctly will save time, money, and energy down the road. The sooner CEE is involved in new construction projects, the more effective our services are in helping you reach your project goals.


Our comprehensive and systematic process optimizes building operations, ensuring that equipment and systems perform as intended and meet occupant needs. Commissioning is recognized as one of the most cost-effective actions a building owner can take to save energy.

Design Assistance

Our staff can review your design plans, perform building energy simulations to determine energy cost impacts, and provide direction to meet Green Communities criteria. We have experience reviewing HVAC plans, developing commissioning specifications, and reviewing development and construction documents. CEE can provide design assistance during any phase in construction, but starting earlier in the design process prevents expensive late-stage design changes.