Engineering for Energy Efficiency

CEE's engineering team helps building owners and managers better understand and optimize their energy use to improve the operation of equipment and systems, reduce energy waste, and manage long-term sustainability planning.

Efficiency is every company’s lowest-cost option for energy savings. Our engineers help clients reinforce their sustainability plans with practical action to cut harmful emissions while enhancing comfort. We also disseminate our findings to help inform best practices in energy efficiency and related fields.

CEE is best positioned to take on difficult jobs with real potential for mission impact. Our projects range from manufacturing to healthcare, correctional, offices, K-12 schools, colleges, sports arenas, and more. Take a look at our case studies for examples of previous work. 

We help you better understand your building's energy use and reach your energy efficiency goals.


Existing Buildings

  • Existing building commissioning
  • Energy-efficiency operations
  • Performance monitoring
  • Performance certification
  • Benchmarking

New Construction

  • Commissioning
  • Design assistance

Engineering Staff

Mark_3_web_100.jpgMark Hancock, P.E.

Director of Engineering


Thomas_Howlett_web.jpgThomas Howlett

Mechanical Engineer


Cody_Meschke_web.jpgCody Meshchke, P.E.

Mechanical Engineer