Media: Utility pilot projects could soothe contentious regulatory proceedings (Utility Dive)

Sep 25, 2017

From Utility Dive:

Stakeholders in utility policy proceedings across the country are learning that sometimes you don’t know what works until you try it.

That’s why the trial, pilot, and demonstration projects increasingly being ordered by electric utility regulators may be a way to resolve stakeholder debates.

They offer real world experience, former Xcel executive Mike Bull, policy director for Minnesota’s Center for Energy and Environment, told me. Leaders in the electric utility industry who try to manage the “significant change” within the power system by “‘doing what they have always done’” will fail customers, fail utilities’ financial interests and fail the public interest. 

“The only way to adapt to significant change is through innovation,” Bull said. “Trials, pilots, and demo projects are ways to test new things and keep the cost and risk of innovation low...”

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