Steve O'Neil Apartments now ENERGY STAR Certified

Sep 3, 2015

Last week Steve O'Neil Apartments in Duluth became the first multifamily building in the state of MN to receive ENERGY STAR certification from the U.S. EPA through their multifamily high-rise program. All ENERGY STAR certified units in multifamily high-rise buildings are designed and built to standards that deliver savings of at least 15% compared to a typical building.

CEE joined the project team in January 2013. With funding from Minnesota Power in the design stage, the Wagner Zaun Architecture firm invited CEE to provide energy design analysis, consulting, and field verification — all working toward energy savings and eventual certification. CEE was responsible for inspections to document that construction and installed equipment were consistent with ENERGY STAR's Multifamily High Rise Program requirements through visual inspections, pictures, and performance testing.

The successful certification is the result of many partners working together:

Steve O'Neil Apartments is a four-story, 50-unit affordable housing development, including 44 permanent supportive housing units for homeless families with children. Certification was awarded based on construction, insulation, windows, air heating, water heating, ceiling fans, lighting, duct-sealing, faucets and showerheads, heat recovery, and ventilation/exhaust. As an ENERGY STAR program requirement, the building's actual energy use will be benchmarked for at least two years. The building is currently filled to tenant capacity, and taking applicant names on a waiting list. 

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