Media: North Minneapolis green energy hub wins $1.6 million grant (City Pages)

Oct 4, 2020

The following article refers to CEE's Energy Efficiency Workforce Gap Analysis, released in February 2019. 

From City Pages:

"In 2017, first-time developer Jamez Staples took out a private loan to purchase a former state workforce center on Plymouth Avenue in north Minneapolis for a future green energy training center.

Minnesota needs to reduce its carbon emissions, but reports show the state is facing a looming workforce shortage. Prior to COVID-19, the Center for Energy and Environment reported 85 percent of energy efficiency employers had difficulty finding skilled labor – a problem that will only worsen as 29 percent of Minnesota’s skilled construction workers retire by 2026.

With the Minneapolis Regional Apprenticeship Training Center (RATC), Staples envisioned training the next generation’s green energy workers while catalyzing opportunity in north Minneapolis...."

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