Media: Energy efficiency must be part of carbon-emissions equation (Duluth News)

Oct 8, 2018

CIP-Black-cropped-(2).pngCEE co-hosted the Duluth learning session referenced in this piece. The session focused on Minnesota's Conservation Improvement Program and included co-host CEEM, LHB, and Sen. Simonson who represents Duluth in the Minnesota Senate.​

From Duluth News Tribune:

Jobs are a frequent topic of conversation among public officials across our state and country. I pay close attention to the economic health of our state, region, and, most importantly, city of Duluth.

During my time in office, first as a state representative and now as a state senator, I have had an opportunity to explore the relationship between clean energy and job growth. Part of this interesting intersection includes advances in energy efficiency, a topic that does not elicit as much excitement as, say, wind turbines and solar panels but nevertheless is a vital component of an effective clean-energy jobs strategy.

The 8th Congressional District is home to more than 5,000 clean-energy jobs, out of nearly 60,000 across the state. Approximately four out of every five of these jobs are related to energy efficiency, which could include construction, heating and air conditioning work, and the installation of better lighting. To top it off, these jobs are growing at a rate twice as fast as our state's overall job growth...

...I recently had the opportunity to visit with LHB and view some of its recent work in coordination with Clean Energy Economy MN and the Center for Energy and the Environment. Our meeting focused on exceptional opportunities that energy efficiency offers. It also highlighted the incredible success and savings generated by the Conservation Improvement Program, which has been helping Minnesota businesses make efficiency upgrades to the tune of more than $6 billion in savings since 1998...

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