Media: Lindstrom, MN family benefits from Home Energy Squad visit. (CERTs)

Oct 11, 2017

To help meet the Chisago Lake area's (cities of Lindstrom, Chisago City, Shafer, Center City, & Taylors Falls) efficiency goals, the Chisago Lakes Chamber of Commerce and CERTs raised additional funds to subsidize Home Energy Squad (HES) visits for residents. Last fall a representative from CEE and CERTs promoted HES visits to the area, which has resulted in over 150 home visits to the area. CEE administers and delivers the Home Energy Squad program, provided by CenterPoint Energy and Excel Energy.  Learn more about the Home Energy Squad and sign up for a visit.

From MN Clean Energy Resource Teams

2017-HES-Weatherstrip.jpg...Soon after her son’s suggestion, Gulbranson placed a call to Xcel Energy, who referred her to representatives from the Center for Energy and the Environment to set up an appointment. Although the whole process was easy and worry-free, for Gulbranson, the best part came in the form of an unexpected discount. At the time, Gulbranson was not yet aware of the Chisago Clean Energy Hub and related projects, which provided a discount on the cost of the home energy audit.

“When I set up the appointment, I was told that, because I lived in Lindstrom, rather than paying the usual 100 dollars, I would be paying only 45 or 50 due to some grant money. I thought it was a great thing to get in on,” said Gulbranson. Metro CERT provided a $3,000 Seed Grant to help support the buy down of the Home Energy Squad (HES) visits in the Chisago Lakes Area.

Before her Home Energy Squad (HES) visit, which occurred in early August, Gulbranson had never had a similar inspection done for her home—and she could hardly have been happier with her first experience.

“They told me briefly before they came what they would be doing when they got here, and then when they got here, I was so impressed! They were total gentlemen, and before they started explained exactly what they would be doing so well and said if I had any questions while they were working, I could feel free to ask them,” Gulbranson enthused.

The positive aspects of the experience didn’t end with her initial impressions, though. The Home Energy Squad representatives wrapped Gulbranson’s hot water heater, added faucet and showerhead aerators, and, perhaps most significantly, replaced 32 conventional lightbulbs with state-of-the-art LED bulbs...

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