Media: Sustainable: Crunching numbers on buildings’ energy use (Finance & Commerce)

Oct 4, 2016

From Finance & Commerce:

This year’s response rate for Minneapolis’ energy-efficiency benchmarking program is among the highest in the nation, with 94 percent of targeted property owners submitting annual energy and water data to the city.

The city contracts with the Center for Energy and Environment on the benchmarking program. Katie Jones Schmitt, CEE’s benchmarking outreach and policy specialist, said property owners had to submit 2015 data by Aug. 31 this year. Of those who made the deadline, 85 percent complied with all benchmarking data requirements.

“Our response rate of 94 percent is up from 90 percent in 2014, which is good,” she said. “Our compliance rate of 85 percent means those submitting reports checked all the boxes and verified the data was good and accurate.”...

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