CEE's Statement on Xcel Energy’s Announcement to Accelerate Retirement of Sherco 1 and 2

Oct 2, 2015

We at the Center for Energy and Environment applaud Xcel Energy’s announcement to accelerate plans for retiring Sherco 1 and 2 (Sherburne County Generating Station), continuing to lead the nation and the region to a cleaner, more diverse energy mix.  

While traditional generation sources like coal will continue to be part of our energy supply mix for years to come, the economy of the future cannot be overly dependent on the fuels of the past. 

The plans that Xcel Energy announced today to reduce the amount of coal generation on the utility’s system signals that Xcel Energy understands the marketplace in which it operates, and cares as much for its customers and employees as it does for the natural resources of Minnesota and the region.  

By reducing reliance on coal generation, and increasing its use of homegrown, cost-effective clean energy resources like energy efficiency, wind and solar, the utility reduces its exposure to future business and regulatory risks. In addition, the timing of the retirements of Sherco 1 and 2 allows the utility to retire the two largest sources of mercury, particulates, and carbon emissions in the state without laying off employees at the plant, a considerate and important component to Xcel Energy’s plan.  

Throughout its resource plan development, Xcel Energy has emphasized the value of open communication and deep stakeholder engagement. We believe Xcel Energy's increased collaboration with diverse public and private stakeholders this year contributed significantly to this important step forward — a model of engaged and informed clean energy resource planning.

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