$50K is new CEE home solar loan max

Oct 30, 2015

CEE has upped its maximum loan amount for residential solar projects from $20,000 to $50,000 per project.

About a year ago CEE launched a $20,000 (max) solar-specific loan option for Minnesota homeowners. As the solar field has continued to mature, we've heard from experienced contractors and homeowners that $50,000 is a more useful match for residential solar project costs.

In addition to raising our lending level, CEE's residential solar loans also offer a low-interest rate with a 10-year term and no maximum income limit, providing Minnesotans with uncommonly powerful residential solar financing.

CEE's is the only Minnesota-based home solar loan option managed by a local mission-driven, clean energy nonprofit instead of a bank, and doesn't require home refinancing. An experienced lender, CEE has provided more than $200 million in home and commercial energy improvement loans since the early 1980s.

CEE's solar loan program