Media: PUC backs CNP plan for renewable natural gas system (Star Tribune)

Nov 19, 2020

From the Star Tribune:

State utility regulators Thursday approved CenterPoint Energy's proposal to create a Minnesota supply system for renewable natural gas, a fuel created from manure, food waste and other organic detritus.

CenterPoint's plan allows prospective renewable natural gas producers to interconnect with its distribution network. Renewable natural gas (RNG) is produced by breaking down organic waste through anaerobic digestion. Once cleaned of impurities, it can be injected into existing natural gas pipelines. 

...The Center for Energy and Environment, a Minneapolis-based group that specializes in clean energy and energy efficiency, favored CenterPoint's plan.

"We see the petition as a step in a much broader effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," Audrey Partridge, the group's regulatory policy manager, told the PUC. "We need a mix of fuels and energy to decarbonize."

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