Media: How Energy Inspections Are Changing the Way We Buy Homes (Rise)

Nov 17, 2020

From Rise: 

In February of 2019, Minneapolis passed domestic energy disclosure laws intended to encourage efficiency investments and offer homebuyers and renters more data on homes and apartments...

The Minneapolis ordinance requires additional information from homeowners and landlords. Before homes sell in Minneapolis, you have to do an inspection called Truth in Sale of Housing (TISH).

Inspectors will now have to drill a small hole in a wall to determine the insulation of homes. That is unless home sellers have evidence – such as invoices - showing they have recently had work done. While invoices offer proof of purchase, they are not good at determining where insulation might be missing...

Chris Duffrin, executive director of the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE), a nonprofit which helped write the ordinance, believes buyers will wind up making improvements, not sellers. He said it's the nature of home sales that more expensive, non-cosmetic work is generally completed after purchases...

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