Media: Minnesota seeking a simpler way to finance energy efficiency (Star Tribune)

Nov 4, 2019

From the Star Tribune

...On-bill financing can reduce paperwork by moving a loan payment to the utility invoice, he said. Customers can see a "direct relationship" between a reduction in a utility bill and the efficiency investment. "You can see the benefit and think, 'This was a good decision to make,'" Havey said.

CenterPoint is also preparing to launch an on-bill initiative loan repayment program in which homeowners can repay loans from the local nonprofit Center for Energy and Environment via their utility bill. The center delivers a utility-sponsored service, Home Energy Squad, that suggests efficiency projects to homeowners to reduce energy consumption.

The advantage of that program is that it requires no regulatory approval. The city last year introduced a zero-percent loan program for efficiency projects, and participants will be able to move those payments to their utility bills, Harvey said.

"We think any way can make it easier to do energy efficiency improvements is a step forward," Havey said....

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