Media: Airtight Done Right (Energy Design Update)

Nov 21, 2019

An article written by Amanda Voss for Energy Design Update, with contribution from Dave Bohac, CEE's Director of Research, profiles Bohac's research projects covering the sealing potential aerosol in both new and existing homes.

From Energy Design Update:

...So far, the aerosol envelope sealing process has not only produced tighter homes, but also demonstrated a potential opportunity for cost savings in the construction process. A review of the standard air sealing efforts performed by builders in the United States shows several areas in which efforts can be reduced or eliminated by applying aerosol sealing. By reducing other sealing work, builders can: (1) minimize material used for sealing a building, because aerosol sealing only applies material where leaks are present; (2) reduce the possibility of redundant sealing (e.g., sealing on both external and internal wall surfaces) while assuring a continuous air barrier is applied; and (3) reduce the number of trades involved in the air sealing process.

Working directly with builders in California and Minnesota, WCEC and CEE launched new research in 2017 to identify the best stages for incorporating aerosol sealing with regard to cost, performance, and seamless integration into the construction process....

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