Media: Minneapolis awards 6 buildings for energy efficiency (Finance & Commerce)

Nov 6, 2017

CEE is a key partner to the City of Minneapolis, providing technical and outreach expertise for the energy benchmarking ordinance adopted in 2013.

From Finance & Commerce

Calhoun Square and the Basilica of St. Mary’s are among six buildings recognized Thursday for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction by the city of Minneapolis. The city’s Building Energy Challenge awards attracted 15 entrants this year. Eligible to compete were all structures of 50,000 square feet or more space that fall under the city’s benchmarking ordinance. The other winners are Butler Square, the Hennepin County Government Center, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and the Stinson Ramp.

The program’s goal is for buildings to reduce their greenhouse gases by 15 percent by 2020 from a 2014 baseline. “We wanted to share the success stories these buildings have had and show what projects they did to reduce energy use so other building (owners) can learn from them,” said Katie Jones Schmitt, a benchmarking outreach and policy associate at the Center for Energy and Environment...

...Schmitt’s analysis of 2015 data showed that if the 417 public and commercial buildings in the benchmarking program reduced their energy consumption by 15 percent they could save $27 million per year. “There are two main ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – by reducing energy use or investing in renewable energy,” Schmitt said. “The buildings in the challenge have focused on energy efficiency since it’s less expensive.”

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