Media: Intern Finds Program Opportunities (MnTAP Solutions)

Nov 30, 2016

CEE’s Energy Intelligence (EI) program works with small industrial businesses to identify energy waste and optimize production. The program is offered at no-cost to businesses and funded through Xcel Energy, which builds the cost of the program into its utility rates. (Xcel is required by law to set aside a portion of its budget for rebate and energy-saving programs.) MnTAP, which stands for "Minnesota Technical Assistance Program," pairs University of Minnesota students with companies like CEE. This year at CEE, MnTAP intern Tiger Rost worked with the EI program to help industrial customers idenitify opportunities and rebates they may have otherwise missed out on. In a new report this fall, MnTAP profiled Tiger's internship at CEE.

From the University of Minnesota, MnTAP Solutions 2016 report: 

MnTAPTiger.pngBy looking at more specific ways of saving energy at each company, the intern found that companies could save up to 30-40% of their total annual energy bill by implementing identified solutions. Over the course of the project, it became apparent that with experience the amount of time the intern spent at each site can be reduced — and savings per unit of time spent increased dramatically. Since the EI program is renewed with Xcel based upon results and energy saved, working with student interns can help sustain and perhaps even help expand the program by increasing its effectiveness.

“I’ve always wanted to learn how everything works in a business, but with my regular job duties and routines, I never really had time to explore all the opportunities that were hiding in plain sight. It was refreshing to have an internship dedicated to finding just that – opportunities — and with them, knowledge of energy savings that can be applied to practically every engineering workplace.” -Tiger Rost

Read the full story on page 12 of the MnTAP Solutions magazine

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