Media: What is DMC role in community issues? (Post Bulletin)

Nov 2, 2015

From Post Bulletin:

What role will Destination Medical Center plans play in the issues at hand for the city of Rochester and Olmsted County, including an affordable housing crisis, pressing heritage preservation concerns and a renewable energy strategy? The DMC Corp. board heard updates on the answers to those questions, and others, at a Thursday meeting...

The DMCC board has identified energy efficiency as a goal in future plans, in response to citizen input. The McKnight Foundation has funded Minnesota Center for Energy and Environment to craft a DMC plan, and CEE Policy Director Mike Bull delivered an update on that work Thursday.

The CEE has held additional conversations with stakeholders and is preparing to deliver an initial presentation to the Rochester Energy Commission at a public meeting Nov. 10, Bull said. A presentation of findings and recommendations to the DMCC board would follow on Nov. 19.

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