Media: Energy is opportunity in Rochester's future (Post-Bulletin)

Nov 11, 2015

From the Rochester Post-Bulletin:

The city of Rochester has the potential to become a leader in energy efficiency and sustainability, according to two reports ... Destination Medical Center plans are at the heart of the opportunity for energy action in the city. A report prepared by the Minnesota Center for Energy and Environment for the DMC Corp Board has aggressive recommendations for its focus area — two DMC districts in the downtown, Heart of the City and Discovery Square.

Those recommendations include establishing the two DMC districts as a sustainable energy zone to focus attention on all energy opportunities in the geographic area; building on Mayo Clinic's district energy and co-generation system; and building any new developments with Architecture 2030 standards, which strive for zero net carbon emission buildings by 2030.

More important than the specific energy goals, though, is the communitywide goal to establish a culture of sustainability, said Sheldon Strom, CEE president. "We think it's important as we do this to establish a culture of sustainability," Strom said. "It makes a huge difference what the public thinks and what the users of a building think" ... Strom and Jenny Edwards, CEE director of Innovation Exchange, also emphasized the importance of starting with practical, cost-effective measures ...

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