Media: Efficiency efforts are going virtual (Yale Climate Connections)

May 29, 2020

From Yale Climate Connections:

Energy efficiency experts from the Minnesota-based nonprofit Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) have been making house calls around the state over the past decade, looking for opportunities to lower residents’ energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint while making their homes more comfortable.

The group’s “Home Energy Squad” typically spends several hours with each customer, completing basic retrofits and installations – weatherstripping doors, switching light bulbs to LEDs, and swapping old faucets to low-flow models, for example. It also prepares a customized report providing information about more in-depth opportunities to save energy, such as hiring a contractor to add insulation or replace heating or air-conditioning systems...

...While the coronavirus pandemic has brought much of this work to a halt, there are signs of hope. In Minnesota, the Home Energy Squad has begun to make house calls once more – only this time, through the safety of a computer screen...

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