Media: MN's greenhouse gas goal flopped. New goal: 'electrify everything' (MPR)

May 25, 2017

From Minnesota Public Radio

...the state has missed its 2015 goal under the law, and "frankly we're not going to make the 2025 goal. But we are starting to think more realistically about what do we have to do between now and 2050 to try to achieve the 2050 goal," said David Thornton, assistant commissioner of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

A big part of that strategy, many experts agree, is to take the gains the state has made in greening its electricity grid — renewable energy now accounts for more than 20 percent of the state's electricity generation, and is forecast to grow to 37 percent by 2030 — and transfer that to other sectors of the economy.

"We think the key to meeting our climate goals going forward, reaching into those other sectors, would be to electrify everything," said Mike Bull, policy director for the Center on Energy and the Environment. "To use electricity in transportation, in space heating, water heating, areas that are now primarily powered by fossil fuels. That's the future..."

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