CEE among 14 projects to receive $14M investment from US Department of Energy

May 10, 2016

This week the Energy Department announced CEE among 14 awardees nationally to receive $14 million to dramatically increase the efficiency of our nation’s homes and buildings. This funding comes as part of the Administration’s effort to cut energy waste and double energy productivity by 2030. Projects selected will cut energy costs for thousands of American families and businesses, while leading to greater demand for new building products and technologies, many of which can be produced in the U.S.

Through its Commercial Buildings Integration program, the Energy Department selected six awardees for up to $8.4 million to nationally scale-up replicable, energy-efficient solutions for small and medium office buildings, apartments, stores, restaurants, and businesses. And under its Building America program, the Energy Department selected eight projects — including CEE's — for up to $5.5 million for industry partners to create healthier, more comfortable homes that will save homeowners money on their utility bills.

CEE and the other Building America partners will pilot several innovative approaches focused on cutting a home’s heating and cooling costs. More specifically, CEE's aerosol sealant project will evaluate an envelope air sealing method that uses aerosol sealant and simultaneously measures, locates, and seals leaks, significantly improving quality control and reducing labor costs. The new research will focus on single-family homes, building on CEE's prior testing in multi-family buildings.

Read the DOE's full news release

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