Media: RPU energy efficient tips to save money in your home (KIMT3 News)

Mar 6, 2021

From KIMT3 News:

It may be warming up in Rochester - but you should still pay attention to your thermostat. The Neighborhood Energy Challenge Program is designed to help people save energy and money in their homes.

Rochester Public Utilities held a virtual workshop Saturday to share ways to achieve energy-saving goals. The average Minnesota household spends almost $2,000 a year on heating and cooling - according to the Center for Energy and Environment - and that's more than half of your utility cost for the year...

Stacy Boots Camp with the Center for Energy and Environment says if you feel like your home has a lot of draft, chances are there's probably a larger problem. “If that warm air that you're paying for in the winter is allowed to rise up and out of your house, it's going to pull in really cold dry air making it drafty and just very uncomfortable." ...

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