Media: Home Energy Squad comes to Northfield (KYMN Radio)

Mar 3, 2021

From KYMN Radio: 

And as rising energy bills become more of a concern, the City of Northfield is offering a solution to help people make their homes more energy efficient.

City Program Director Beth Kallestad said that Northfield has been working with the Center for Energy and Environment to offer in-home energy audits. Danielle Hauck, the Customer Engagement Manager with CEE said the Home Energy Squad will make a visit to your home and evaluate all the ways it is consuming energy. They will make some initial suggestions and do things like change out lightbulbs to offer some immediate savings on your energy bill, and then they will issue a report with larger, more long-term suggestions. After the report is issued, Hauck said the CEE will advise on the best ways to accomplish those things, by recommending contractors, ensuring new equipment is high efficiency, and even helping with financing....

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