Media: Building benchmarking catches on in Minnesota (Energy News Network)

Mar 3, 2020

CEE is a key partner to the City of Minneapolis, providing technical and outreach expertise for the energy benchmarking ordinance adopted in 2013.

Excerpted from Energy News Network:

As more Minnesota cities take steps to require building energy benchmarking, evidence suggests that the state’s first such policy is helping to nudge energy consumption lower. Minneapolis was among the first major cities to require commercial building owners to measure and report energy use. The data is posted in an annual report on the city’s website. The four years worth of numbers publicly available so far indicate that the weather-normalized energy use intensity of buildings covered by the program fell 5.5% from 2015 to 2018.

“I’m pretty pleased with that reduction, and that’s in line with what we’ve seen in other cities” with benchmarking policies, said Katie Jones, community program and policy manager for the Center for Energy and Environment, which has collaborated with the city on its program ...

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