Media: In Kansas City, buildings slow to comply with energy benchmarking (Energy News Network)

Mar 19, 2019

From Energy News Network:

Almost half of Kansas City’s large, privately owned buildings are not in compliance with a municipal energy benchmarking requirement...

...Innovative thinking pushed compliance substantially higher in Minneapolis. Patrick Hanlon, the city’s director of environmental programs, credited a volunteer network of retired engineers with boosting the program’s early success and getting about 50 buildings into the system.

“They would go out and take their bills, enter them into Portfolio Manager and get them into compliance.”

The city also contracted with the Center for Energy and Environment, a local energy efficiency entity, to offer technical assistance in workshops and over the phone. Among the city’s regulatory programs such as rental licensing and codes enforcement, Hanlon said, “this is one the highest compliance rates we have, and I think a lot has to do with partnership we did with retired engineers and the Center for Energy and Environment...”

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