Media: Good ideas for asset retirement (Utility Dive)

Mar 18, 2019

Minnesota’s e21 Initiative, coordinated by CEE and Great Plains Institute, unites utilities, consumer advocates, regulators, and environmental advocates to develop a 21st century energy system that better aligns a financially viable utility business model with increasing customer expectations and evolving policy goals.

From Utility Dive:

"An increasing number of coal-fired power plants are becoming uneconomic before their planned retirement, and a number of states are considering securitization as a tool to balance utility, community and ratepayer outcomes. However, implementing securitization in the public interest is a delicate exercise that requires careful consideration of local circumstances and policy objectives..."

“...Collaborative processes like the e21 initiative in Minnesota and the power sector transformation process in Rhode Island are good, inclusive forums that allow competing objectives, alternative solutions and appropriate performance metrics to be comprehensively considered and evaluated.”

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