Media: Nadav hired as first assistant director of campus sustainability (Tommie Media)

Mar 5, 2018

CEE board member Amir Nadav was recently hired as the Univeristy of St. Thomas' first assistant director of campus sustainability.

From Tommie Media:

amirheadshot.jpgAmir Nadav was hired last December as St. Thomas’ first assistant director of campus sustainability. Nadav will further campus efforts to be carbon neutral by 2035.

Elise Amel, the faculty director of the Office of Sustainability Initiatives, says that Nadav’s new position is something that the university has wanted to create for a while. Sustainability work has been done across campus in various departments, and now there is a full-time employee who can be aware of what is going on, Amel said.

“I think it’s really important to have somebody who has the bird’s eye view of campus, not only so we have a better sense of what is going on around campus but also to bring people together strategically,” Amel said. Amel is excited to have Nadav join the Office of Sustainability Initiatives’ staff. “He is very easy to work with. He’s an excellent listener. He’s super bright, knowledgeable and enthusiastic,” Amel said. “It’s easy to become energized sitting with him in a meeting talking about things.”

Before his position at St. Thomas, Nadav was the interim executive director of the Neighborhood Energy Connection in St. Paul, where he finalized its merger with the Center for Energy and Environment and the launch of Hourcar as an independent nonprofit organization. He also serves on the board of directors of the Center for Energy and Environment, which works “to promote energy efficiency to strengthen the economy while improving the environment,” according to its website...

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