The Many Benefits of the One-Stop Efficiency Shop Program

Mar 1, 2017

[ This post originally appeared in the Minnesota Electrical Association’s March 2017 newsletter. ]

In 2016, retrofits using LED technology accounted for 90% of the savings generated by the One-Stop Efficiency Shop®. While LED products continue to decrease in price, quality and efficacy continue to improve. There are more choices than ever before. One-Stop Efficiency Shop staff can help you sort through those choices.

If you are working with a small or medium-sized business that qualifies for the One-Stop Efficiency Shop, program staff can help you make sure your customer gets the most suitable, efficient lighting system for their space. One-Stop also offers significant rebates up to 60% of the project cost; below market-rate financing, including a 0% loan for qualified nonprofits; and completion and submittal of all program paperwork.

Following are a few of the program benefits:

  • The One-Stop Efficiency Shop rebates all types of LEDs, both interior and exterior, including screw-ins, plug-ins, linear replacement lamps, retrofit kits, and new fixtures.
  • There are rebates for lighting controls available.
  • We still rebate existing T12s, as long as the replacement system saves more energy than the applicable T8 EISA baseline.
  • The program does not require a one-for-one replacement — if you install fewer fixtures than you remove, your customer will receive rebates for the additional energy savings.

Our staff is here to serve as a technical resource when needed to help you put together a proposal that is energy efficient and makes sense for your customer. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need guidance.

In 2017, the One-Stop Efficiency Shop will facilitate $7 million in rebates to participating businesses. If you would like more information about the program or to find out if your customers are eligible, please contact Cindy Kelly at 612-244-2427 or

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