Media: Cool Offices: CEE gets more elbow room with North Loop office (Business Journal)

Mar 28, 2017

From Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal:

Five years ago, the Center for Energy and Environment was rapidly outgrowing its office and research space.

“Our researchers, who test emerging tech and efficiency approaches in the field, were literally running their operations out of a closet,” said Jenny Edwards via an email interview. Edwards serves as director of the Innovation Exchange with CEE’s engagement and education team.
With the help of engineering, architecture and planning firm LHB Inc., CEE bumped up its square footage to 17,000 square feet, with a 4,700-square-foot expansion for research and engagement space, upgraded conference rooms, laboratories, kitchen space and offices. It also redesigned its front desk visitor area. In addition to expanding the space's utility for employees, LHB was looking to make the layout collaborative, designed with shared spaces and lighting.
“Nowadays, when a colleague is working in our on-site research lab, maybe calibrating a water heater control for field testing, we’re able to see and talk to them about their project in the moment,” Edwards said. “It’s a powerful transparency..."

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