Media: Lighting Maintenance Companies Find Their Way in the Digital Age (WestCoast Lighting Insider)

Feb 28, 2017

From WestCoast Lighting Insider:

"As the LED market peaks over the next few years, lighting maintenance companies could be retrofitted right out of the market... Erik Ennen, facility services manager at the nonprofit Center for Energy and Environment, sees lighting maintenance companies in a unique position to bring together 'two customers.'
Management, particularly health and safety and marketing managers, want a maintenance contract to keep the lights on. Operations and energy engineers are looking at ways to monitor usage and save electricity ... 'A lot of people think, well, there shouldn’t be any issues in the [first] 5 years because they have a 5 year warranty,' Ennen said. But you need a conscientious contractor to 'hold the manufacturer’s feet to the fire for you' when failures do happen ..."


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