Media: Does your work desk use as much energy as a refrigerator? (MPR)

Mar 24, 2017

From MPR News:

Dual monitors. Cellphone chargers. Coffee makers. Space heaters.

If you have one or more of them plugged in at your workspace, you're part of a growing problem in building efficiency. LED lighting and changes to heating and cooling systems have cut down on energy use in commercial buildings since 2003. But now, plugload — the energy it takes to power all those things plugged into your desktop power strip — is rising. It's largely a function of modernity. The tools we use to do our jobs today require a lot more power cords than they used to.

"It used to be you would have an electric pencil sharpener and a light at your desk," said Thea Rozenbergs, an architectural designer at LHB Architects in Minneapolis. She led a study with colleagues from the Center for Energy and Environment and Seventhwave.

We're way beyond electric pencil sharpeners now. In fact, a typical office workstation uses as much electricity as a full-size refrigerator — and a third of that energy is wasted because things are left on during meetings, lunch breaks and at night. So what can you do about it in your office?

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