Media: Christmas rain, 60s in Feb. St. Paul wants a solution (Pioneer Press)

Mar 2, 2017

Note: CEE staff provide direct project and facilitation support for the City of Saint Paul's efforts toward a citywide energy action plan. Also, CEE implements the Partners in Energy program in Minnesota for Xcel Energy, in collaboration with national partners Brendle Group and Vermont Energy Investment Corporation; Partners in Energy is among the partners helping to develop the City's energy plan.

From the Pioneer Press (2/26/2017):

"In St. Paul City Hall, there is no more debate about extreme weather ... 'It’s not supposed to be 65 degrees in February, or rain on Christmas,' said Anne Hunt, environmental policy director for the city of St. Paul ... With water levels on the Mississippi River already rising as a result of melting snow, Hunt doesn’t talk about the possibility of local impacts from changing global climate patterns. The impacts are already here, she said, and quickly becoming more obvious ... the first of three community meetings to discuss a potential Climate Action Plan — an organized effort to improve energy efficiency in buildings and homes, increase reliance on renewable energy and lower the city’s “carbon footprint” to nil by the year 2050 ..."

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