Media: Xcel to speed up $3B in clean energy spending (Utility Dive)

Jun 19, 2020

From Utility Dive: 

State officials around the country are working on providing a stimulus and aiding in economic recovery in parallel with federal efforts. The move by Minnesota regulators prompted all utilities in the state to submit their own proposals for action.

"I don't think [utilities] would have brought this forward without some signal from the regulators. I think they needed that commission requirement [to file]," Mike Bull, director of policy and external affairs at the Minnesota-based Center for Energy and Environment, told Utility Dive....

Xcel's plan would speed up grid improvements and customer incentives that the utility had already planned.

"Even the Xcel proposals were all things that were being considered in some respect; it's bringing them all forward to 'now,' as opposed to playing out over the next five years," Bull said....

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