Media: Xcel wins pilot approval for time-of-use program (Star Tribune)

Jun 20, 2018

Last year, the e21 Initiative held stakeholder meetings and forums to gather outcome and design recommendations for Xcel Energy's time-of-use pilot program. Time-of-use rates can open doors to using grid more cost effectively, lessening the need for power plant investments driven largely by peak demand.

Co-led by CEE and Great Plains Institute, e21 unites utilities, consumer advocates, regulators, environmental advocates, and others to develop a 21st-century energy system that better aligns a financially viable utility business model with increasing customer expectations and evolving policy goals.

Excerpt from Star Tribune:

... Xcel Energy has won approval for a pilot program featuring electricity rates that will vary by time of day, an attempt to shift energy use to off-peak hours when the grid is less stressed. 

The two-year "time-of-use" pilot program is scheduled to be rolled out in early 2020 to about 10,000 Xcel customers in two Twin Cities locations. Xcel last fall proposed the program, and it was approved Thursday by all five members of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC).

Xcel's time-of-use pilot has broad support, ranging from clean-energy and consumer-advocacy groups to the Minnesota Department of Commerce and the attorney general's office, both of which look out for the public interest in matters before the PUC ...

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