Media: Minnesota will proceed with its own climate change strategy (Star Tribune)

Jun 2, 2017

From the Star Tribune

...state officials and climate change advocates are optimistic that will change in the next decade as prices on electric cars come down and their utility rises. “As people get more comfortable with how to use electric transportation there are significant benefits,” including lower energy costs and less maintenance, said Mike Bull, director of policy for the Center for Energy and Environment. “Once we get more comfortable with range anxiety [the driving limit for rechargeable vehicles] they will sell themselves.”

The downward trends have occurred even while the state’s population and economy grew. Since 1997, the amount of greenhouse gases produced per person in Minnesota has dropped by about 10 percent, according to a recent report to the Legislature. Now, economics will help continue the trend, especially in energy production. Utilities across the country are turning to cheaper natural gas and alternative sources. And adding energy efficiencies in production, cars and buildings is much cheaper than building a new energy supply, Bull said...

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