Media: Renewable power experts encourage St. Peter residents to pursue solar (St. Peter Herald)

Jun 6, 2016

From St. Peter Herald:

Experts told St. Peterites that if they want more solar power on homes or in the supply for the city, they need to keep pressing the City Council...

...In St. Peter, a contract with the Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency locks in the purchase of all electricity from the agency through 2050.

Joe Sullivan, manager of strategic relations for the Minneapolis-based Center for Energy and the Environment, said because SMMPA is a member organization, it will listen to its member cities.

“Collectively, you pushing the council will help so it organically feels the need to push SMMPA,” he said during the discussion held at First Lutheran Church. “If St. Peter works with cities to demand solar, SMMPA will bring more solar.”

And this is the time to start, he said, as the old technology ages out.

“In the next 19 years, the power plants that serve 70 percent of the demand in Minnesota are eligible to be retired,” Sullivan said. “When they come offline, because they’re old, we’ll have really big decisions … This is a massive, historic opportunity that is coming...”

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