CEE project wins State Government Innovation Award

Jul 10, 2019

MF200-(1).pngCEE is part of a project team honored with a State Government Innovation Award by the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. The award was given to EnergyScoreCards Minnesota Phase II, a project for which CEE provided technical assistance. The EnergyScoreCards project is led by Minnesota Housing and Finance Agency with assistance from CEE and Bright Power.

The project’s second phase studied the impacts of energy and water benchmarking paired with more supportive technical and financial assistance for 31 subsidized multifamily housing buildings. Minnesota Housing Finance Agency provided funding for Phase II, building upon the EnergyScoreCards Minnesota pilot that was led by CEE and funded by a Minnesota Department of Commerce Conservation Applied Research and Development grant.

Phase II provided two years of benchmarking service along with a variety of technical assistance including, but not limited to, quarterly check-in calls, building assessments, and one-on-one troubleshooting.

Many CEE staff provided support for Phase II including, Ashly McFarlane, Carl Nelson, Mark Opdahl and Erik Ennen. CEE provided technical assistance to participating properties and helped with evaluation at the end of the pilot. This work included reviews of utility bills and contractor bids, as well as answering energy related questions and solving related issues.

At the end of Phase II, CEE staff conducted interviews with property managers, calculated cost savings, and collected information on the energy projects completed during the monitoring phase.

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