Minneapolis Ranks 4th on Clean Energy Scorecard

Jul 25, 2019

Minneapolis ranked fourth out of 75 cities in ACEEE's 2019 City Clean Energy Scorecard, up from 11th in 2017. Minneapolis made the big leap in rank because the City recently adopted two new policies to address time-of-sale and time-of-rent energy disclosure in existing homes, and also expanded its Commercial Building Energy Benchmarking and Transparency Ordinance.

CEE played a significant role in designing practical approaches for the policies.

Since 2014, the nonprofit has provided training, technical assistance, and outreach for the City's commercial benchmarking program. CEE researched and analyzed effective and pragmatic ways to increase energy awareness and spur greater efficiency among large buildings, which aided in the expansion of the commercial benchmarking policy.

CEE also designed and piloted a time-of-sale energy disclosure program, partnering with evaluators of the Truth in Sale of Housing (TISH) program. The innovative pilot capitalized on Minneapolis’s existing TISH program to minimize transaction costs and maximize potential impact. Lessons learned from the pilot were incorporated into the City’s final policy design and implementation.

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