Lighting Rebates Save Over a Half-Billion Dollars for Small MN Businesses

Jul 27, 2017

CEE's One-Stop Efficiency Shop® retrofit program is designed to specifically address inefficient lighting technology in the small business sector. Lighting accounts for a significant portion of energy use and demand in small businesses. Additionally, Minnesota’s smallest businesses face implementation barriers such as limited financial resources and time, limited knowledge of lighting products, and lack of access to high-quality contractors.

The significant savings One-Stop Efficiency Shop has generated for businesses and ratepayers confirms that the programs full-service design for implementing energy savings in the small business sector has been a successful approach. We’ve found the right combination of incentives, technology and marketing to deliver an effective retrofit program to this unique sector.

Over a half-billion dollars saved

Since 2000 the program has saved 139 megawatts and 535,000 megawatt-hours, and has disbursed $65 million in rebates to 16,758 program participants. Over the life of the new lighting equipment installed, participating business owners will save about $668 million. One megawatt is one million watts, equal to the energy produced by 10 automobile engines. One megawatt-hour is the energy of one megawatt used continuously for one hour, roughly equal to the amount of electricity used by 3,300 homes in one hour.

The One-Stop Efficiency Shop also has preserved and created high-quality jobs for Minnesota’s small-business vendors. Over the course of the program, we've partnered with over 1,000 lighting suppliers and electrical contractors. These vendor parterships an estimated $171 million has been funneled back into the state’s economy.

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