Media: Save Energy and Reduce Costs with These Programs (CIC Midwest News)

Jul 21, 2017

An article written by multifamily program coordinator Dan May highlights the programs CEE has to help multifamily building associations and communities reduce energy costs in their buildings. 

From Common Interest Communities Midwest News:

The Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) is a nonprofit organization that has been promoting energy efficiency for nearly 40 years through a variety of programs. CEE’s programs often partner with utility providers to help Minnesotans save money and energy. CEE’s Lending Center assists homeowners and businesses complete energy efficiency projects.

Some of the specific programs CEE offers that associations and homeowners can take advantage of include: Home Energy Squad, Multifamily Energy Savings Program, and One-Stop Efficiency Shop® Lighting and HVAC Program, as well as CEE's Lending Center.

Read the full article on Page 15 of the CIC Midwest News - Summer 2017 Issue