Media: Home Energy Audit - A Next Step in Energy Savings (CUB Minnesota)

Jul 28, 2017

CEE delivers the Home Energy Squad program to homeowners who are either a CenterPoint Energy natural gas customer and an Xcel Energy electric customer, or who receive both natural gas and electric services from Xcel Energy.

Excerpted from the Citizens Utility Board Minnesota's blog

Water-heater-wrap-e1501290673248-200x200-(1).jpgWhen it comes to residential energy efficiency efforts, at CUB we promote free and easy first. For other efforts that may involve a substantial investment, we highly recommend getting a professional home energy audit..

...I recently moved to a new home and had an energy audit by the Home Energy Squad. It’s a great step for a new homeowner, as many new homeowners have a wish list of home improvement projects, ranging from small cosmetic changes to major remodels. It’s important to know if you have opportunities for energy savings as you’re working on your home’s to do list-especially if near-term investments are going to end up saving you money. Better yet, money saved can help you pay for the other items on your to-do list!...

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