Media: Affordable housing props up green development push (Finance & Commerce)

Jul 6, 2015

From Finance & Commerce, June 24, 2015:

A program allowing Minnesota renters to buy solar electricity next year is expected to be the biggest of its kind, underscoring a sustainability push that has taken firm hold in the affordable housing space ... Energy efficiency and other sustainability mandates in recent years are nurturing an appetite across Minnesota for green amenities ... "Landlords are interested in the energy costs their tenants are paying,” said Carl Nelson, director of program development at the Minneapolis-­based Center for Energy and Environment. "They understand that if they have energy costs that are too high, [tenants] might have trouble paying their rents" ... "There are some market-­rate leaders that are already doing a good job,” Nelson said. “With that qualification, I would say the affordable housing sector has the potential to be a leader" ... “We’re on the cusp of potentially some big changes in this area,” Nelson said. “I think that the market is ready for this to happen” ...

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