Big savings for small, underserved businesses

Jul 7, 2015

Despite the potential for big savings through energy-efficient lighting, Minnesota’s smallest businesses face implementation barriers such as limited financial resources and time, limited knowledge of lighting products, and lack of access to high-quality contractors.

CEE's One-Stop Efficiency Shop® lighting retrofit program is designed to save these business owners energy and money through the installation of energy-efficient lighting — with a planning and implementation process specifically tailored to address the barriers that prevent too many small businesses from investing in energy-efficiency products.

Nearly a half-billion dollars saved

Since 2000 the program has saved 114 megawatts and 404,000 megawatt-hours, and has disbursed $49 million in rebates to 12,170 program participants. Over the life of the new lighting equipment they have installed, participating business owners will save about $480 million. One megawatt is one million watts, equal to the energy produced by 10 automobile engines. One megawatt-hour is the energy of one megawatt used continuously for one hour, roughly equal to the amount of electricity used by 3,300 homes in one hour.

The One-Stop Efficiency Shop also has preserved and created high-quality jobs for Minnesota’s small-business vendors. Over the course of the program, the One-Stop Efficiency Shop has partnered with approximately 700 lighting suppliers and electrical contractors. An estimated $121 million has been funneled back into the state’s economy through vendors who have worked with the program.

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